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April, 04, 2004 was a historic day for the residents of Attock City when a new campus of CIIT was launched, to make it possible for the students of the far flung and under developed areas to take advantage of the opportunities of state - of – the – art education. The event was important for both CIIT and Attock city because the dream of an IT institute was a distant dream come true. CIIT’s presence in Attock has ensured the availability of professional academic skills not only to the locals of Attock but also to the adjoining areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Since then the Attock Campus has gained a commendable reputation among the CIIT campuses all over the country.

  • Attock is a rich agricultural land. The major profession of the people of Attock is agriculture. The major crops are Wheat, Groundnut, Maize and all kinds of vegetables. However almost 10- 20 % people are job workers or running their own businesses.
  • The majority of people of Attock belong to middle class. Both men and women are working in fields the whole day to fulfill the necessities of life.
  • The famous cuisines are Chana Pulao, Katwa Gosht, Fish, Sarson ka Saag, Maki ki roti, Makhadi Halwa and Lassi.
  • In Attock almost all men and women wear shalwar kameez. However trend of modern clothing can be seen among few men.
  • The major games played are Cricket, Volleyball and in the villages Kabaddi and Gully danda are the part of sport activities.
  • The major attractions are Attock Fort, Sher Shah Suri’s Caravanserai, Kala Chita pahar and boating in river Indus.

Campus Life At A Glance

Hostels and Campus Residences
  1. Male Residence Houses and Hostels: 6
  2. Female Residence Houses and Hostels: 1
  3. Male Students living off Campus: 400
  4. Female Students living off Campus: 70
  5. Faculty Residence Houses and Hostels: 1
Student Groups and Societies
  1. The Character Building Society
  2. The Debating Society
  3. The Dramatic Society
  4. COMSATS Welfare Society, Attock (General Welfare and Social Work)
  5. The Adventure Club
  6. COMSATS Community Welfare Society, Attock (Specific for Mental and Physical Health)
Sports, Athletics and Fitness
  1. Well-equipped Gym
  2. Sports Grounds for Cricket, Football
  3. Volleyball and Baseball Courts
  4. Specialist Trainers and Coaches
  5. Winners of Different Sports Titles
Getting Around
  1. Just 30 Kilometers From M2 (Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway)
  2. Sports Grounds for Cricket, Football
  3. Volleyball and Baseball Courts
  4. Specialist Trainers and Coaches
  5. Winners of Different Sports Titles

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COMSATS University Islamabad (former COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) started its Attock Campus in 2004 and since then it has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Sciences, Management Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. CUI Attock is becoming the regional center of excellence in providing education in sciences and business administration...

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