January 20, 2022


Research Groups

Management Sciences

Research Group I: Human Resource Management

This research group investigate the recent issues in theory and practices in the field of HRM. The key issues explored remains the employee performance, motivation and satisfaction aiming at the organization growth...read more →

Research Centers and Labs

OPTRIC (Optimization Research and Innovation Center)

OPTRIC researchers carry out advanced studies in the solution of difficult, large-scale optimization problems, with special focus on state-of-the-art implementation of modern algorithms. We are primarily interested ...read more →

Research Output


Mathematics - 250
Electrical Engineering - 150
Computer Science - 125
Management - 165

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Mr. Abbas Ali Shah - Electrical Engineering
Mr. Abdul wahid - Management Sciences
Mr. Adil Ihsan - Mathematics

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Conferences & Workshops

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Attock organize the annual symposium ‘Research Innovations in Information Technology and Engineering (RIITE)’ for the faculty and graduate students of the said disciplines across the national universities. The event is usually held in March/April each year...read more →


Please visit our official website faculty profiles for the list of researchers.

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Research At A Glance

  1. Academic Departments: 4
  2. Number of Programs Offered: 13
  3. No. of Total Students Enrolled: 2650
  4. Total Passed Out: 2076
  5. No. of PhD Faculty: 55
  6. No. of Foreign Qualified Faculty: 15
Research Staff and Students
  1. Faculty-Student Ratio: 1:4
  2. Research Groups: 15
  3. Number of Research Publications: 400+
  4. Research Areas: Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering
Databases and Library Resources
  1. Well maintained Libraries
  2. Campus based Access to Digital Libraries
  3. VPN based Access to HEC Digital Libraries
  4. Research Seminars and Technical Support
  5. Conferences and Symposia
  6. Access to specialist Software and Surveys

About Us

COMSATS University Islamabad (former COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) started its Attock Campus in 2004 and since then it has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Sciences, Management Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. CUI Attock is becoming the regional center of excellence in providing education in sciences and business administration...

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Email: info@ciit-attock.edu.pk

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